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Focusing solely on value-add investments and management allows us at
Northpoint to set ourselves to the highest level of performance for our clients,
ensuring 100% client satisfaction every single time.

Utilizing this unique depth of expertise, we’ve closed hundreds of deals,
implemented strategies, and managed complex value-add projects, increasing our client’s return on investment far beyond their expectations.

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Our people are our advantage — experienced professionals with proficiency and expertise to assure our client’s long-term success.



Northpoint’s stellar reputation is proof of our values — integrity, professionalism, and our commitment to taking the best possible care of our tenants, our clients, and their investments.



Our tenants value us as landlords. Our consistently excellent maintenance and immediate response time to repairs and general requests give our tenants the service they deserve, resulting in long-term renters and relationships. And that is the key to our success.

“Wherever there is an opportunity for growth, Northpoint sees the potential.”

"Their word is worth its weight in gold"

I have complete confidence in Northpoint. They've never re-traded on a contract and they honor their commitments. Their word is worth its weight in gold.

"Kind and professional"

Thank you for responding within 24 hours! No one has listened to my complaints to date. You came in and gave the issues your attention, both kindly, and professionally.

"My life has changed"

I've been living in this building for 15 years and have been through 7 different management companies. Ever since you guys began managing the property, my life has changed. I'm so much happier now t... Read More

"They care about my investment"

Every decision Northpoint makes proves their knowledge in the industry. I feel confident knowing my money is in a safe, conservative investment, that it's being protected as if it were their own.


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